Lift the curtain and see for yourself...

Find out why the two leading national reviewers, both CLARION and KIRKUS, praised Lifting the Curtain as a passionate voice about the fate of our schools from the unique perspective of a teacher. It is no surprise that in just the first six months hundreds of teachers and parents have embraced this whistleblower book that, for once, looks beyond the simplistic views of the problem, and focuses on the real issues destroying our children's education. Lifting the Curtain reflects three years of research, and the views of more than 760 students and teachers.

Inept school administrators and career bureaucrats in state and federal DoEs have mastered the art of hiding all the damage they have done to our children's urban high school education.

As one simple example, in Massachusetts the bureaucrats in DoE like to boast that Massachusetts has the highest standardized test scores in the nation. But what they carefully hide behind the curtain of the school entryway is that they have dumbed down the high school test to include many middle school topics, and then require just 29% correct to "pass." For DoE career bureaucrats to deliberately hide how badly our schools have failed our children by setting the bar that low, and then bragging about such an abysmal "passing" requirement, is reprehensible.

It's time we lift the curtain and fix this for our children.